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“Corporations are people, my friend” — Hobby Lobby and cheap cialis overnight delivery religious freedom

By Aaron Weaver Less than two years after the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the Affordable Care Act, President Obama’s most significant legislative accomplishment, “Obamacare” is set to be back before the cheap canadian cialis High Court next month. Oral arguments for Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc. are scheduled to begin March 25. This high-profile case centers around […]

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Georgia gun bill functions as state regulation on churches, interferes with affairs of faith communities

Back in late February, ran my column titled “Georgia Bill Would Allow Concealed Weapons in Churches.” That controversial bill – HB 875 – passed the Georgia House and headed to click here the Senate for a hearing earlier this week. I joined a group of about 25 Baptists from Georgia in endorsing a statement on this […]

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Pope Francis: A humble man with a theology of exclusion

This column first appeared in the February edition of generic viagra for sale the Baptist Studies Bulletin, the online publication of the Baptist History & Heritage Society. Learn more about BHHS here. By Aaron Weaver For much of the past year, there has been a tremendous amount of online buzz about Jorge Mario Bergoglio — the man the world […]

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Just War Theory – What’s it good for?

An earlier version of this column first appeared in the September issue of the Baptist Studies Bulletin, a monthly online publication of the Baptist History & Heritage Society. You can subscribe here. By Aaron Weaver Just War Theory. What’s it good for? With the fragile situation in Syria and the generic viagra super active plus continued possibility of military intervention […]

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Religious liberty as a two-way street – A response to the Marriage and Religious Freedom Act

By Aaron Weaver Religious liberty is generic cialis fast shipping a two-way street. This is a point that far too many conservative Christian leaders can’t seem to grasp. Rep. Raul Labrador – a Republican who has represented the 1st Congressional District of Idaho since 2011 – recently introduced a bill called the “Marriage and Religious Freedom Act” to protect […]

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Baptists and Immigration Reform

My latest Baptist Studies Bulletin column is up over at the Baptist History & Heritage website. Stop by and read the entire column on Baptists and immigration reform.  I’ve included a snippet below: A look at history shows us that broad-based coalitions of “odd bedfellows” sometimes are indeed able to work together to achieve a […]

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Baptists Lead Charge Against Predatory “PayDay” Lenders

Check out my recent column in the March edition of the Baptist Studies Bulletin on some Baptists fighting the good fight against predatory or “payday” lenders in states like Texas. Here’s a snippet: Abortion, homosexuality and church-state separation.  These are all issues on which Baptists have made their diverse opinions loudly known to the public.  […]

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A New Year: Baptists and Climate Change

Take a look at my latest column for the Baptist Studies Bulletin of the Baptist History & Heritage Society. Here’s snippet: With the nation’s economy on better footing, will more attention be paid to environmental issues such as climate change in 2013?  Will churches and pharmacy cialis denominations once again discover that climate change is a challenge […]

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Alabama Baptist Convention Committee Rejects Resolution Welcoming Immigrants

Rev. Alan Cross is the buy cialis cheap online senior pastor of Gateway Baptist Church in Montgomery, Alabama.  Cross submitted to generic viagra with free shipping the resolutions committee of the Alabama Baptist Convention a resolution titled “Calling for the Affirmation of Alabama Baptist Churches to Provide a Welcoming Hospitable Environment for the Immigrants and Aliens in our Midst.”  This resolution comes in the […]

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A Young Conservative Critiques the Evangelical Post-Election Freak-Out

Conservative evangelicals are in freak-out mode.  The sky is falling.  The sky is falling. Dr. Albert Mohler of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary declared the 2012 election to be “an evangelical disaster.”  Dr. Denny Burk, also of look there Mohler’s Southern Seminary, called last Tuesday night “a disaster for social conservative causes.” However, Mohler & Burk are getting […]

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