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SBC Ethics Guru Dick Land Goes Anti-Vasectomy

I never realized that the Southern Baptist Convention had taken a position on the Vasectomy until I read this quote from Southern Baptist ethics guru Richard Land: The Southern Baptist Convention is not opposed to the use of birth control within marriage as long as the methods used do buy cialis once daily not cause the fertilized egg to […]

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SBC Pastor to McCain: Palin Not A Pro-Family Pick

As previously mentioned, Richard Land has found him a new crush in Sarah Palin. Meanwhile, countless other Christian Right leaders have been gushing over John McCain’s VP selection. Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council declared that McCain had made an “outstanding pick.” Wendy Wright of Disturbed Women for America announced that Palin’s “admirable record […]

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The Faith of America’s Hottest VP Candidate

As surely everyone now knows, John McCain has now tapped Sarah Palin, a former beauty queen turned Governor of Alaska, as his running mate. Several publications have referred to Palin as “America’s Hottest Governor.” For weeks, the Southern Baptist Convention’s “Ethics” guru Dick Land has been pushing hard for McCain to pick Palin. Land described […]

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Richard Land & Frank Page Do Numa Numa Dance

Remember Numa Numa, the You-Tube phenomenon from 2005, which mostly notably featured the cialis on sale pudgy Gary Brolsma of viagra fedex overnight shipping New Jersey doing an odd yet hilarious dance to an obscure Romanian song? Here is the original Numa Numa Dance below which has been viewed by millions: Now, apparently Sir Richard Land has decided to join in on […]

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Richard Land’s Baptist Joint Committee Reunion

Check it out: K. Hollyn Hollman, general counsel of the Baptist Joint Committee, and Richard Land, president of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, will participate in a church-state forum at Campbellsville University on Tuesday, April 1. The event, titled “Church and discount viagra soft gels State and Religious Liberty Issues,” is sponsored by Campbellsville’s Kentucky […]

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See Dick Apologize……….Apologize Dick Apologize

Earlier in the week, broke the story about Richard Land’s use of a Yiddish slur directed towards a Jewish United States Senator. The following day, well-known historian Randall Balmer called for Land’s resignation. Now, Richard Land has issued what looks sorta like an apology. Read for yourself: NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)–It has come to my […]

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New Baptist Covenant in The New York Times

This past weekend over half-a-dozen articles were written in newspapers across the country on generic viagra discount cheap this week’s Celebration of a New Baptist Covenant which is being held at the World Congress Center in the ATL from Wednesday – Friday. Several of the articles either focused more on the Southern Baptist Convention or were riddled with factual […]

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Richard Land To Help Takeover Microsoft Corp.?

A bit of background first: Microsoft has publicly supported gay rights legislation and officially opposes discrimination based on sexual orientation. Microsoft was one of the first large corporations to offer employee benefits to same-sex domestic partners. And according to propecia without a persciption a Microsoft spokesman, those policies are supported by 97 percent of healthcare of canada pharmacy all shareholders. Enter the Rev. […]

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These Are Children For Crying Out Loud!

Rev. Joel Hunter, a former United Methodist pastor who earlier this year resigned from his pending presidency of the Christian Coalition of America has weighed in on the fight in Congress to override Bush’s SCHIP veto. In a recent sermon, the Orlando-based megachurch pastor makes an emotional plea on behalf of God’s children. Listen to […]

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Bush The Universalist

That’s the title of Terry Mattingly’s latest post over at GetReligion. Mattingly writes: The media have written extensively, if poorly, about Bush’s faith. There was that New York Times Sunday Magazine cover story about Bush’s faith. And countless others which we’ve all read over the levitra online us past decade.And yet when President Bush celebrates other religions or […]

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