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Mike Huckabee, Roy Barnes & That Racist Flag

Enjoying Georgia? Thank a Democrat! Back in early high school, I had a bumper sticker that said just that on my guitar case. There used to be a time when such a statement wasn’t laughable. Dems controlled the House. Dems controlled the Senate. And a Democrat had resided in the Governor’s Mansion since Reconstruction. Bill […]

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Mike Huckabee’s Faith-Based Constitution

According to buy levitra on line canada MSNBC, presidential Mike Huckabee has called for amendments to the cheap viagra for sale Constitution for the explicit purpose of propecia lowest price making it more acceptable to God. From MSNBC with a hat tip to BJC’s Blog from the Capital: “I have opponents in this race who do not want to change the Constitution. But I believe it’s a […]

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Mike Huckabee – A Hypocritical Southern Baptist?

From Fox News South Carolina Debate Transcript: CAMERON: Governor Huckabee, to change the subject a little bit and viagra england focus a moment on electability. Back in 1998, you were one of about 100 people who affirmed, in a full-page ad in the “New York Times,” the Southern Baptist Convention’s declaration that, quote, “A wife us to […]

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Why Evangelical Leaders Aren’t Lovin’ On Huck

As a follow-up to Bob Novak’s horrendous article on Baptist support of Mike Huckabee, Deborah Caldwell who is the managing editor of has a similar article titled “Baptist Civil War Fallout, Or Why Evangelical Leaders Aren’t Lovin’ On Huck.” Here’s her conclusion: So today, while some Baptists have endorsed him —including Ronnie Floyd—others have […]

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Bob Novak: Southern Baptists Not Supporting Huckabee

Forgive me for linking to cheap india generic viagra yet another Bob Novak article! However, in his latest piece, Novak argues that the lack of support for Huckabee from prominent Southern Baptists such as Richard Land and Paul Pressler should cause conservative evangelicals to be concerned. When Mike Huckabee went to Houston on Tuesday to raise funds for his […]

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Mike Huckabee’s Supposed Theology Degree

Baptist minister and Republican Presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee seems to either struggle with the truth or has a penchant for exaggeration, Arkansas-style. After the take cialis recent CNN YouTube debate, Mike Huckabee declared in an interview with Pat Robertson’s Christian Broadcasting Network that he has a theology degree. Huckabee said: “I’m as strong on terror as anybody. […]

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Ron Paul – When Fascism Comes To This Country

During an interview on the Fox and Friends morning show, Republican Presidential candidate decided to quote a little Sinclair Lewis in response to Mike Huckabee’s Christmas commercial which supposedly has a floating cross in the background. I never saw the much talked about floating cross but then again I always had trouble finding Waldo as […]

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Mike Huckabee Refuses To Release Sermons

Mother Jones has the details. The article nicely sums up some of several of Huckabee’s somewhat inconsistent statements regarding faith and politics. A snippet from author David Corn: Once upon a time Mike Huckabee was a Baptist preacher. Then Mike Huckabee became a lieutenant governor. Then Mike Huckabee became a governor. Then Mike Huckabee became […]

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Mitt Romney and The Mormon Speech

Mitt Romney delivered his “Faith in America” speech this morning at the George H.W. Bush Library in College Station, Texas.   And a snippet from the speech:  Almost 50 years ago another candidate from Massachusetts explained that he was an American running for president, not a Catholic running for president. Like him, I am an […]

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Mike Huckabee – The Republican Howard Dean?

Rolling Stone has a lengthy piece on Mike Huckabee, his faith and his economic populism. Written by Matt Taibbi who clearly has little use for conservative Christianity (or religion period), this article offers a nice glimpse into Huck’s populism and how he mixes his religion and best way to take viagra politics. If you’re offending by a few choice words […]

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