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Former SBC Seminary President Demonizes Muslims on 9/11

Southern Baptist Theological Seminary held a panel discussion today—September 11, 2012—on whether a Christian can vote for a Mormon in the upcoming presidential election while still opposing Mormonism.

During that panel discussion, Dr. Mark Coppenger made the following comment:

“Sometimes I say Muslims can’t build cars but they can sure blow them up,” Coppenger said. “Well, we can blow up candidates and we can blow up movies and we can blow up a variety of things, but can we build them? Can we build political engagement at the very best levels?” (Associated Baptist Press)

Coppenger is a Vice-President and Professor of Christian Apologetics at Southern Seminary.  He was the president of Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary from 1996-1999.

I sent this tweet to @mcoppenger tonight:

What I found most disturbing was that Coppenger admitted that this comment is something he sometimes says!  WOW!

While I have received no response, I hope Coppenger will apologize for his comment.

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  1. Lee says:

    I’d be interested to know how the subject of Muslims came up in a discussion about whether a Christian can vote for a Mormon for president, but still be opposed to Mormonism.

    I’d say the answer is no, given Mormon eschatology. Besides the fact that they categorically deny every essential doctrine of Christian faith, their belief that Jesus will return to Independence, Missouri, and that they will rule the world by gaining control of the United States government would be “fulfilled” in their eyes by the election of any Mormon to the presidency. If you vote for a Mormon, you’re helping to confirm their view.

  2. BDW says:

    Well, in addition to the comment coming during a conversation that had nothing to do with Muslims and Islam but instead about Mormons and politics, it was made on September 11.

  3. cat's dad says:

    Sept. 11 . . the very day Muslims blew away our Libyan ambassador and others.

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