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Posted by on Jan 16, 2009 in Uncategorized

[Southern] Baptist Women For Equality

Introducing [Southern] Baptist Women For Equality:

Shirley Taylor, former employee of the Baptist General Convention of Texas, has launched a website (organization???) called Baptist Women For Equality (  According to the website, Baptist Women For Equality — for Women Deacons and Women Pastors “seeks to bring Southern Baptists into the 21st Century.”  On Taylor’s website, you will find her “Open Letter To Baptists.”

Taylor writes:

This letter is for you if you believe women should be able to serve in your church fully according to God’s calling in her life.

Even if you think everything is all right in your church, please consider those other churches where women can be Ministers to Children, Ministers to Youth, Ministers to Women, can be on all committees which make church policy and pertain to theology, and financial matters, but who cannot serve a piece of bread and cup of juice.

Do you know why your church does not have women deacons?  It can be found in “the cold heart of the church” which is your church’s By-laws.  Church By-laws can be changed.  When women decide that enough is enough, the cold heart of the church will be changed to include women as Deacons and accept women as Pastors.

I invite you to email this Open Letter to your church family and Baptist friends.  Women in Baptist churches are beginning to wake up to the fact that our denomination is out of touch with us.  

In the Baptist Women For Equality newsletter, Taylor warns:

The Southern Baptist Convention has shown a mean-spirit toward women and they are getting ready to do it again in June 2009.  There is a motion to amend the SBC’s constitution to disallow affiliation by “churches which have senior pastors.”

It’s worth noting that not all Baptists are Southern Baptists.  The website/organization would be more appropriately named SOUTHERN Baptist Women For Equality.

Fighting for biblical equality within the Southern Baptist Convention is a lost cause.  Heck, the closest thing to an egalitarian advocate for biblical equality that Southern Baptists have these days is controversial blogger Wade Burleson, a self-described “cultural complimentarian” who has stated that he has no intention of leading his church to hire a female pastor.

There are now a number of fine Baptist organizations that support women-in-ministry that have absolutely nothing to do with the Southern Baptist Convention.  I guess I’ve never really understood why a Baptist who feels as strongly as Taylor clearly does about biblical equality would choose to stick with such an oppressive organization.

Good luck though.

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  1. My heart always breaks for women who are very, very theologically conservative, yet who are clearly called to ministry. I don’t know Taylor or anything about her, but I’ve known women like her who were maligned by their churches in the face of their calls.

    The sad truth is that most of these women likely wouldn’t be comfortable in Baptist churches like mine or yours. The theology just doesn’t work.

  2. the theology “may not work” but their theology changed at some point for them to even consider that they might have a call from God…and if it can change w/in their own experience of call, it can continue to change in other areas…….I’m w/ BDW on this one…I was the second male to ever serve on the Baptist Women in Ministry board and I saw such extraordinary courage as early as 1981 from some very conservative women who kept following that call and were willing to move through the pain that a “moderate” or “liberal” (choose your own term) theology provided until they began to experience that new theology as liberation/ as goodness/ as grace.

  3. Sandy Creek had eldresses in the 1700s, in a day in which they did not question the Bible. There is a case which can be made out for women in ministry. See the Puritan, Matthew Poole, on I Tim 2. The Bible is of such intellectual depth that even the bible-believing conservatives are in over their heads on this one. God put the matter in such a way that we might show forth a Chrisian spirit in love and learn about the profound nature of this God-given Faith.

  4. Paige Patterson and his cohorts have done it again. Please refer to page 13 of this week’s standard.


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