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Posted by on Jan 1, 2009 in Uncategorized

Billy Graham Transfers Church Membership

A member of FBC Dallas since 1953, Billy Graham has decided to transfer his membership to FBC Spartanburg, South Carolina.

Here’s a snippet from The Greenville News:

The Rev. Billy Graham isn’t able to make it to church much these days, but he has been enjoying the Sunday morning television broadcast from Spartanburg First Baptist for years, the pastor there told The Greenville News in 2006.

Now Graham, who has officially been a member of First Baptist of Dallas for decades, is transferring his membership to the Spartanburg church, according to Baptist Press, the Southern Baptist Convention’s news organization.

Read the rest here.

Frank Lockwood is the religion editor of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. In a blog post entitled “Billy Graham has Barack Obama-Jeremiah Wright Moment,” Lockwood speculates that the 90 year-old evangelists decision to leave FBC Dallas for a church 90-miles away from his North Carolina home has ” less to do with geography than theology.”

Check out Lockwood here.

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  1. Or maybe Dr. Graham is planning for his passing and wants Don Wilton to preach his funeral.

    I doubt Dr. Graham, at 90, thinks much about SBC politics.

  2. I really don’t think Graham needs to join a particular church in order to have a particular pastor preach his funeral.

    I agree that, at 90, Graham probably thinks very little about SBC politics.

    But who knows, perhaps there is something about the current pastor at FBC Dallas that just rubs Graham the wrong way. I think conservatives would agree that Robert Jeffries is no Wally Amos Criswell. Jeffries has made more than a few controversial remarks in the past year.

    I do remember that Wilton was a Romney supporter though he later regreted his national public endorsement of Romney. On the other hand, Jeffries referred to Romney as a “competent infidel.” Just speculating.

  3. Well, at 90, someone of Graham’s stature is mostly thinking of making clean and appropriate exit from this world.

    It is a bit interesting Graham would change churches after about 40 to 50 years. But if he had a Barack Obama – Jeremiah Wright moment, you’d think he would say something about it like Obama did in one of the best speeches I’ve ever heard (replayed recently on POTUS XM) in which he distanced himself from Wright but spoke very candidly.

    FBC Dallas is not a church Graham has ever had a meaningful relationship with. I don’t sense his “leaving” is a reflection of FBC Dallas or Jeffries. But I too am just speculating.

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