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Posted by on Dec 23, 2008 in Barack Obama, Southern Baptist Convention, Wiley Drake

SBC Leader Challenges Obama’s Citizenship

On Monday, December 15, the United States Supreme Court turned down another challenge to President-elect Obama’s eligibility to serve as president because of his citizenship. The most recent challenger, Cort Wrotnowski of Greenwich, Connecticut, argued that Obama was a British subject at birth and thus was not a “natural born citizen.” Just two days later, Justice Anthony Kennedy rejected without comment another similar challenge.

There is at least one additional challenge to Obama’s citizenship still alive.

On November 13, Alan Keyes and Wiley Drake, Presidential and Vice-Presidential candidates of the American Independent Party, filed suit in California Superior Court in Sacramento seeking to bar the California Secretary of State from certifying to Governor Schwarzenegger the names of the Electors and from transmitting to each presidential Elector a Certificate of Election until “documentary proof is produced and verified showing that President-elect Obama is a ‘natural born’ citizen and does not hold citizenship in Indonesia, Kenya or Great Britain.” Keyes and Drake are being represented Orly Taitz and Gary Kreep of the United Justice Foundation.

The suit suggests that the fact that there have been other legal challenges to President-elect’s “natural born” citizenship status proves that “reasonable doubt exists as to the eligibility of the Democratic Party’s nominee for President.” According to the suit, both Keyes and Drake have been “irreparably harmed by being unable to compete in a fair and unbiased election.”

Wiley Drake, pastor of First Southern Baptist Church of Buena Park, California and former 2nd Vice-President of the Southern Baptist Convention, recently sat down for an interview with Matt Coker of the OC Weekly, a politically progressive weekly paper in Orange County, California. The OC Weekly is a sister publication of both the LA Weekly and The Village Voice.

During the interview, Drake accuses the director of Health and Vital Statistics in Hawaii who verified as authentic President-Elect Obama’s birth certificate of lying. Citing his former position as 2nd Vice-President of the Southern Baptist Convention, Drake claims that he will pray for “Barack Hussein Obama” ONLY IF Obama “can prove he is a bona-fide, constitutional, natural-born candidate.” However, Drake has no plan to quit fighting Obama. “If we lose…if Mr. Obama is indeed inaugurated, we will file a lawsuit against the inauguration for being illegal and against the chief justice of the Supreme Court for swearing in a usurper,” says Drake. With Drake’s support, Gary Kreep of the United States Justice Foundation plans to file separate lawsuits for each bill or executive order that Obama signs. Drake explains, “For every decision he makes, it’s gonna be tied up in court.”

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  1. The following exchange takes place during the interview:

    Coker: “Some are speculating the Supreme Court justices rejected the Donofrio case because to do otherwise would lead to rioting in inner cities.”

    Drake: “Well, we’ve speculated about that as well. I’ve been pretty keenly aware of what’s going on in the Supreme Court. You’ll notice the date when they decided the case would go to conference was on a Friday. Typically, if you go to conference, you take a vote, thumbs up and down, whether to schedule for a hearing. They knew that a lot of people would be discouraged if they made an announcement Friday that they would not take the case. Washington, D.C., is a powder keg. They knew they’d already be at happy hour Friday afternoon and be drunk. Even if a ballgame goes one way or another, they start burning stuff because they are drunk. I think the Supreme Court put the case off until Monday because they knew people would have hangovers and not be drunk.”

    Wiley Drake, “pretty keenly aware” of Supreme Court procedure.

    Rodney Dunning

  2. While the “October Surprise” credit crisis netted Obama the general election, a “January Surprise” constitutional crisis will NOT net Obama the Presidency!

  3. I wonder where these people get the money to waste on garbage like this.

  4. Lee- I have seen you post on many other forums- I suspect that Obama and his team are working overtime to corrupt the forums of many good citizens discussing this very serious issue. Obamas – NBC and Citizenship are in doubt. No Official, No Government Agency, No SOS, No Elector (now) has said definitively that Obamas Citizenship issues have been investigated. Obama hides his school records, his real BC, his passport from Indonesia, and more. Why? Because he can – is not a good answere.

  5. This is absurd. Even many rightwing folks like Matt Drudge have dismissed this red herring. Obama’s birth certificate is legit and there was a birth announcement in Hawaii the same week.

    Trust me, folks, if something was so far-fetched that even John McCain and Sarah Palin wouldn’t touch it, then there is nothing to it. Drake can file all the lawsuits he wants, but they will all be dismissed. Obama is the legit president. Unlike Bush in 2000, he did not steal the election. Get used to it, sore losers.

    What IS a legit constitutional question is whether Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton can serve as Secretary of State. An obscure clause, the emoluments clause, in the Constitution forbids any Senator from taking a cabinet post if that post’s salary was increased during said Senator’s time in the Senate–whether or not s/he voted for the salary increase. The Sec. of State salary was increased while Sen. Clinton was in the Senate. This would seem to disqualify her.

    To get around this, Congress voted 2 weeks ago, to decrease the Sec. of State salary to its previous level–a “solution” used in a previous administration. However, since it has never been challenged in court, no one knows if this solution is really Constitutional.

    I hope it is, but it would be pretty embarrassing to a Constitutional scholar like Obama to have his pick as Sec. of State turned down on a Constitutional technicality.


    Since the Supreme Court has now prevented itself from acknowledging the question of whether Barack H. Obama is or is not an Article II “natural born citizen” based on the Kenyan/British citizenship of Barack Obama’s father at the time of his birth (irrespective of whether Barack Obama is deemed a “citizen” born in Hawaii or otherwise) as a prerequisite to qualifying to serve as President of the United States under the Constitution — the Court having done so at least three times and counting, first before the Nov 4 general election and twice before the Dec 15 vote of the College of Electors — it would seem appropriate, if not necessary, for all Executive Branch departments and agencies to secure advance formal advice from the United States Department of Justice Office of Legal Counsel as to how to respond to expected inquiries from federal employees who are pledged to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States” as to whether they are governed by laws, regulations, orders and directives issued under Mr. Obama during such periods that said employees, by the weight of existing legal authority and prior to a decision by the Supreme Court, believe in good faith that Mr. Obama is not an Article II “natural born citizen”.

    Moreover, each and every member of Congress should be notified that he or she is personally liable (can be sued) for his or her own failure, or the same in conspiracy with other members, to perform what is a ministerial and constitutional duty, that is, to require and/or insist that Presidential electoral votes only be counted for candidates who are “natural born citizens” under Article II of the United States Constitution, the failure of which creates a cause of action for deprivation of claimants’ constitutional rights (as allowed under the Bivens case) against employees of the Federal Government, in this case, to a lawful President and Commander in Chief, and therefore, for deprivation of adequate continuation of the United States as a Constitutional Republic. The constitutionally tortious conduct is not subject to congressional immunity and would be the jettison of Article II of the Constitution by failure to stop and/or object to the counting of electoral votes for Barack H. Obama who has admitted that at the time of his birth his father was a Kenyan/British citizen and not a citizen of the United States of America.

    Finally, if 1/20/09 comes and goes with a usurper in the Whitehouse (that is, Obama is definitely NOT an Article II “natural born citizen” — dad Kenyan/British citizen at BHO’s birth — albeit he MAY be a 14th Amendment “citizen”) with usurper enablers in Congress and the Supreme Court … God help us because many of the people will — rightfully and under our Constitution and Declaration of Independence — endeavor through other means to take back the Government from what is nothing less than a non-constitutional coup d’etat. (SCOTUS now does have the power to forestall that grim yet inevitable scenario, otherwise the blood and possible loss of our Constitutional Republic is SQUARELY ON THEIR HEADS.)

  7. Oh, come on people. Get a life. This stuff about his not being a natural born citizen just does not hold water. Aside from the fact that Obama has produced the documentation required to establish his citizenship status to qualify for running for office (actually had to do this in all 50 states to get on the ballot) and the state of Hawaii has certified the documentation as authentic, the courts have ruled that there is no legal basis whatsoever for a challenge. If you believe, in good faith, that Obama is not a natural born US citizen by constitutional definition, then I have some oceanfront property in Arizona that I would like to sell you, cheap. Obama’s mother was a US citizen at the time of his birth, he was born on US soil and those are all the criteria he needs.

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